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Green Pool and Pool Draining

So, your pool is green, or looks old and stained, and you just want to swim in your nice clean pool again? 


Your pool has been green for a little while and you just can't seem to get it right again. You've tried everything, the pool stores recommendations, google, and maybe even youtube, but with no success. There are several reasons for your yucky problem, and several different solutions to fix it. It could be that the chemistry is off and just needs a professional to rebalance it, with the perfect combination of chemicals. It could also be that repairs are needed for your pool equipment and there is very poor circulation. Possibly,  it could be that it is too far gone and may need to be drained and power or acid washed. 


Here in Arizona we have very harsh water, which sometimes can end up locking the chemicals in place, and disabling them from doing their job. It is recommended to do a full draining of your pool approximately every 4-5 years depending on the pool, to refresh the water and remove the hardness. Either way, let us figure out what is going on and provide the best and safest solution for your pool.


Maybe there are old stains on your pool that have been there for some time, and all the brushing and vacuuming is doing nothing. The best solution for this is to drain your pool and acid wash the interior. It is important that a professional does this process, as it can be dangerous with the harsh chemicals, and the correct process needs to be followed to prevent any damage to your pool interior. 


If your pool does require draining, our certified technician will entirely drain your pool, (possibly overnight if in the heat of summer), depending on the severity of algae or stains, either power wash or acid wash the pool interior, refill the pool with fresh water and add start up chemicals (additional cost).

NOTE: City approval may be required before draining pool water into drains.

Quotes based on pool size and severity.

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