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Equipment Installations

Pool automation, heaters and pumps

Pool Automation Installation and Repair

Do you have a pool automation system currently that doesn't seem to be working properly? or do you want to be able to control your pool from inside your home or while away from your home with a touch of a button?


Kangaroo Pools are experts in the right automation system for you and your pool. We can repair your current system, upgrade your current system from remote to smart phone or install brand new pool automation systems. We offer pool automation systems from quality pool companies as Pentair, Hayward and Zodiac and can create the best system to fit around you and your current pool equipment.

The best thing about pool automation systems is that you can control your pool without having to know all of the ins and outs of how your pool actually works, the plumbing, the electrical and more can be a complicated system at times. An automation system can help make things simple. 

You can do many things with a pool automation system such as turn on and off your pool pump, water features, lighting, pool heater, as well as see and adjust the temperatures, and so much more.

Pool Heater Installation and Repair

Do you have an old heater or heat pump that's burnt out, not heating your pool or spa, or the rats have gotten to it? Do you want to swim in your hot tub or pool in winter time?


Kangaroo Pools can assess if you current installed heater can be repaired or if it is too far gone and you need a brand new heater or heat pump. We always do our best to assess the most cost efficient options for you and your family first.

You may no longer be able to see the temperatures on your heater, and we may be able to just install a new panel for you. The wires may have been chewed up by rodents and we may be able to rewire your heater. Your heater may be 20 years old and may just need to be replaced.

We can help you with any and all solutions to heat your spa and pool and keep your and your family toasty warm.

Pool Pump Installation and Repair

Is your pump going out, need some repairs or just want to switch to a pump that can save you money?

If you have decreased circulation, your pool cleaner isn't climbing that walls anymore, or there is a weird noise coming from your pool equipment, your pool pump could need some small repairs. These are some of the many reasons your pool could be off and not feeling well. Kangaroo Pools can assess your pool pump and other equipment to determine what the best solution is for your pool. 

The other possibility is that your pump could be too old, or too many repairs needed and really just needs to be replaced. We can supply and install brand new and refurbished pool pumps to solve your issues in this situation. This can be a very costly pool repair, but we always have our customers budget in mind and want to supply you with the best option to suit your needs.

If you do need a pump replacement, why not have us install a variable speed pump. These are the top energy efficient pool pumps which are becoming more and more popular with pool owners. Some great things about the variable speed pumps:

  • They run quieter than a traditional pool pump

  • They run at a cooler temperature than a traditional pool pump

  • They can save you hundreds of dollars each year on running costs, Pentair says up to 90% savings

  • They last longer than a traditional pool pump, in the long run saving you more money 

Pentair pool equiqment Arizona phoenix scottsdale
Pentair pool equiqment Arizona phoenix scottsdale
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