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Pool Filters and Purifiers

Cleaning, repair and installations

Pool filter cleaning

Have you ever wondered why your pool filter should be cleaned? 


Well, here in Arizona it's very dry and dusty, and the debris, especially around the dust storm seasons can make a big impact on your filter. It is very important to clean your filter on a regular basis, to ensure effective and efficient running of all of your pool equipment. We recommend cleaning annually for sand filters and every 4-6 months for DE and cartridge filters.  

When your pool filter is not running efficiently due to excess debris or damage, it can be costing you more money to run your pool in the long run. In addition, not cleaning your filters regularly can end up in costly fees to replace parts or even an entire pool filter. When cleaning pool filters, it is important to disassemble and resemble the filter correctly, if not, incorrect placement of parts could damage the filter and other parts of your pool equipment.


When Kangaroo Pools cleans a pool filter, we ensure every part of the filter is checked, specifically for any damage to the grids, cartridges or laterals and ensure everything is placed back in the correct spot for effective running. 


Cleaning pool filters can be a timely and dangerous task, so save your time and give us a call to schedule your next filter cleaning.

Does your pool filter need cleaning?

There can be a few signs of your filter needing to be cleaned:

  • The suction or circulation isn't as good as it should be

  • Debris is coming back into the pool

  • The PSI on your filter has increased to 5-10

  • It's just time for a filter clean

Pool filter installation and repair

Is your pool filter not doing what it used to do, and leaving you with an unhealthy looking pool that you wouldn't be caught swimming in?


There are many reasons why your filter may not be working like it used to. It may just be very old and time for a new one, or there may be a simple repair that can be done to have your filter working in tip top shape again.

Here are some signs you may need to look at your filter for repairs or replacement:

  • When vacuuming the pool, dirt comes back in through the side of the pool

  • There always seems to be dirt in the bottom of your pool

  • The pool is green and you can't get it to turn back clear​

  • There are leaks in your filter

Kangaroo Pools are experts in finding the right fix, or new filter for your pool. We can come and inspect your filter to determine what might be the issue, and offer you a few different options to get your pool looking great again. 

Pentair pool equiqment Arizona phoenix scottsdale
Pentair pool equiqment Arizona phoenix scottsdale
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