Bring the fun back into your pool with a brand new look.


Does you pool look old and shabby? Does the paint or pebble have peeling or cracking? Do you just feel like a new hair cut for your pool?

Whatever your reason for considering a remodel, we have many options available for redesign. We can provide you with ideas for: 


  • New surfaces - fully glass tiled, plaster, pebble or repainting.

  • Steps/Rails - baja step, regular pool steps, pool and spa hand rails.

  • Lighting - incandescent, halogen, LED, white or colored, wall mounted lighting, garden pool lighting, flood lighting, water feature lighting.

  • Equipment -  new pumps (variable speed and regular), automation systems, filters (sand, DE and cartridge), Bionizer (chlorine and salt free pool system), salt systems.

  • Water features - water falls (sheer descent, sheer curtain, sheer rain, sheer arc, rain arc), rock water falls, fountains (deck jets, laminar jets, bubblers, spillways, spouts).

Pool decking - we also do cool decking, travertine decking and more, so hop on over to our pool decking page to take a look at what else we can offer you for your new desert oasis.

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Does your pool have cracks in the pebble? Is your fiberglass coated pool peeling paint or looking worn? Does your skimmer look a little damaged?

Kangaroo Pools doesn't have to completely re-do your pool with a remodel, we can also repair those small areas that need a little more attention. Just give us a call or send us a message and we can set up a face to face estimate with you to discuss the options and costs. 

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Kangaroo Pools is experienced and skilled in all the little things that go on with a pool system. See below for some of the reasons why your pool might need a simple repair

  • Leaks or spraying - from PVC pipes, filters, pumps. O-rings may need to be replaced or equipment tightened (important for an expert to do this as over-tightening can damage equipment), new parts may be required.

  • In floor cleaning systems - if not cleaning properly, may need a rebuild kit, pop ups cleaned or replaced, return lines may need unblocking. 

  • Filters - if you pool is spitting debris back into the pool, you could have damaged grids, cartridges or manifold (DE or cartridge filter), or broken laterals (sand filter). Pressure gauges due to wear may need to be replaced.

  • Jandy valves - if these valves are sticking or hard to turn, they may need to be replaced

  • Backwash valves - sometimes when backwash valves become very hard to lift and turn, they may just need a new o-ring or plunger, or the entire backwash valve may need to be replaced.

  • Pumps - impellers, pump housings, seals and gaskets.

  • Heaters - electrical for wiring.

  • Pool lighting - we replace bulbs (white and colored, LED, halogen, incandescent), GFI's and entire light fixtures (with or without water in the pool).

Other various repairs that may be required: pool timer, PVC pipes, backwash hoses, pump capacitor, vacuum/cleaner repairs.


We can provide you with quality replacement parts for the small things as well: pump, skimmer and cleaner bags/baskets, new and refurbished pool vacuum/cleaners and extra hoses. 

Each repair is it's own job and every pool and equipment is different, something that you may think is a small repair, could be something much bigger and something you think could be a big job, could be something much smaller. So give us a call or message to set up an estimate.

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