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Cool decking, deck pavers, we do it all.


Is your current cool decking looking a little old? Does it have damage in patches? Has the color faded? Or do you want a completely new pool decking surface from what your have now?

Kangaroo Pools is highly experienced at cool decking, having completed many commercial hotel cool decking jobs, residential patching and brand new cool deck installation. Whatever your goals are for your pool decking, cool deck is a great option, especially in the heat of summer here in Arizona.

Cool decking is a material/product that is poured and textured directly onto any concrete surface, whether around your pool, patio or pathways. It lowers the surface temperature of concrete by around 20 degrees and  can withstand thermal expansion and contraction better than concrete. It is fairly easy to clean, however under the Arizona sun can tend to fade more than other pool deck surfaces, so may need touch up every few years to keep it looking fresh. Cool decking is a very cost effective pool decking solution.   


Have you just had a new swimming pool installed and need some pool decking? Do you want to upgrade, repair or change your current pool decking?

Pavers can be a great way to really fancy up your poolside area. You can choose from many different materials, textures and colors to fit your style. Pavers are very durable, have a high wear and tear resistance, and a safe non-slip surface that will last a very long time, which is great for a playful family around your pool area. Also, if required, pavers are also very easy and affordable to repair by sometimes only needing to replace single pavers.

There are many options for deck paving, and our team can help you design the perfect oasis for you and your family:


  • Travertine - our speciality

  • Belguard

  • Artistic pavers

  • Phoenix pavers

  • Ask us if you have a preferred paver

Contact us to schedule an estimate and to help you create your dream pool area. 


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