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Do you want a nice warm pool to enjoy in the middle of winter, or like to soak in the hot tub?


Do you have an old heater or heat pump that's burnt out, not heating your pool or spa, or the rats have gotten to it? Do you want to swim in your hot tub or pool in winter time?


Kangaroo Pools can assess if you current installed heater can be repaired or if it is too far gone and you need a brand new heater or heat pump. We always do our best to assess the most cost efficient options for you and your family first.

You may no longer be able to see the temperatures on your heater, and we may be able to just install a new panel for you. The wires may have been chewed up by rodents and we may be able to rewire your heater. Your heater may be 20 years old and may just need to be replaced.

We can help you with any and all solutions to heat your spa and pool and keep your and your family toasty warm.

Contact us to set up an estimate.

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