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Is your filter old, not doing the great work it used to? Filter repairs and new filters, we do it all. 


Is your pool filter not doing what it used to do, and leaving you with an unhealthy looking pool that you wouldn't be caught swimming in?


There are many reasons why your filter may not be working like it used to. It may just be very old and time for a new one, or there may be a simple repair that can be done to have your filter working in tip top shape again.

Here are some signs you may need to look at your filter for repairs or replacement:

  • When vacuuming the pool, dirt comes back in through the side of the pool

  • There always seems to be dirt in the bottom of your pool

  • The pool is green and you can't get it to turn back clear​

  • There are leaks in your filter

And, here are some possible repairs that may be required due to the above:

  • In a sand filter, you may need a new multiport valve picture below, which is not allowing for the water to be filtered properly

  • In a cartridge or DE filter, the grids or cartridges inside the filter may have holes in them from large debris or from not cleaning your every 4-6 months (which Kangaroo Pools highly recommends)

  • In a cartridge or DE filter, the manifold may be cracked

  • If you have leaks, it might be as simple as new o-rings or seals needed

  • Filters that can be backwashed, may require new backwash valves or o-rings and seals if they are leaking

Kangaroo Pools are experts in finding the right fix, or new filter for your pool. We can come and inspect your filter to determine what might be the issue, and offer you a few different options to get your pool looking great again. 

Contact us to see what we recommend for your pool.

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